“A young writer is driven mad by a sequence of infuriating events.”

A thriller with a dash of black comedy; as a writer faces multiple rejections and financial trouble, injustices both big and small begin to aggravate and infuriate him.

Everything comes to a head when he is threatened over a disputed lunch bill. He snaps. He loses grip on reality, and releases his inner monster on the most available victim.

The film has finished the festival rounds, and as such is shown here in full.

Viewer discretion advised: This film features nudity, violence and strong language.


Charles Reston, George Savvides, Margo Henson, Jordon Stevens, George Xander, Maxwell Cavenham, Janne Kaas, Michael Batecko.


Written & Directed by Sam Brewster
Mateusz Golebiewski
Original Score
Roberto De Spirito
Special thanks to
Grays Inn DIY store, New River Cafe, Protein coffee shop, Central Film School, idailies, Neil Gillett & Frankie Edwards.


Completion Date  October 2013
Runtime  12min 25sec
Sound Mix  Stereo
Format  Super 16mm
Aspect Ratio  1:1.78 (16:9)
Country of production United Kingdom